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Here you can find my music compositions. Most of them are from the games I helped to develop at Codeminion, but from time to time I will also be posting my compositions that were not related to games.

Magic Match Soundtrack (2005)

Magic Match is our most successfull game so far and music played a big part in its success. If you wish to hear all of the story cut-scene songs you can download the game on the official Magic Match website. Please not that this is only a selection of tracks and it is not a complete soundtrack from the game.

Saqqarah Soundtrack (2008)

Saqqarah was our biggest completed project so far and it has a lot of music (about 15 minutes) so I wasn’t able to create all of it, as I had other stuff to do like for example programming. Nevertheless I was able to create the main theme and some of the parts that required a lot of tweeking and syncing like intro and outro.

Pteroglider Soundtrack (2004)

Pteroglider was a space shooter and our first released game. You can read a short postmortem of the game as well as download the full version for free here.

cgMusic (2006)

Warning! The following music has not been composed by a human. It has been composed by cgMusic, a piece of software that I wrote as part of my master thesis. You can read about it and download the software here. All samples are in Mp3 format.

Spellscape Soundtrack (2002)


Spellscape was an epic cRPG game that we tried to complete as our first project under the Codeminion logo. You can read a short postmortem of the game as well as play the tech demo here. This soundrack features some of my first attempts at orchestral music.


6 Responses to “Game Music”

  1. Noisywan says:

    Saqqarah Soundtrack is awesome. Especially the “Title music” and one of the gameplay tunes which is not listed here. It has a very nice tune played by a reed I guess. It would be awesome if you uploaded it here or provided a link to it.

  2. Kniffel says:

    I really like your compositions a lot! They are really beneficial to the actual game and set a really nice atmosphere! Love it!

  3. Eddie Sorrells says:

    when i first began reading i didnt contemplate that would likely end up being the outcome. incredibly intriguing

  4. Phil says:

    I am looking for anyone who can make music for a project I am working on called Mion and Rika, a platformer game and I just need some original music for the title screen, stages and two different songs to be used for certain cut scenes as well.

    I am working on a website hopefully to have some supporters for my project but music is all I just need for now. 😀

    I am an artist and I draw mostly old fashioned graphics for my Mion and Rika game.

    If interested I will tell you more about it.

  5. Wera says:

    Hi I am using CG music but the generator is not producing a preview when i hit “play” like it did before. Is there a problem with the software? I just reinstalled on new computer. Dzienkuje!


  6. Maciek says:

    Wera, some users have also reported this problem. I think they even posted some solutions in the main cgMusic thread ( Hope it helps.

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