Aug 14 2008

August Update

Tag: Casual Games,Codeminion,Music CompositionMaciek @ 3:17 pm

CodeminionI’m sorry that I’m not blogging that often recently as I used to. That is mainly due to three reasons:

1. too little time (We’re doing a lot of publishing recently)

2. nothing interesting to write about (We’re doing a lot of publishing work recently) 

3. the interesting part I would like to write about is actually top secret and I can’t share anything just yet. (But even if I could, I would probably have no time to write about it as there is a lot of publishing work recently!)

Anyway, I have added music from Saqqarah to the music section – at least the parts I was working on, so you can check it out. And if you really want to know about that top secret part then yes, it does concern our next big project. For now I can only tell that it will be a casual game and that it will be really awesome. Sorry, I really wish I could tell you more.



Jun 13 2008

Spellscape Soundtrack

Tag: General,Music CompositionMaciek @ 2:25 pm

As you might know we’re currently very busy preparing localized builds of StoneLoops, finalizing Saqqarah, trying to port our games to Mac and negotiating a lot of agreements as we are trying hard to successfully self-publish our current titles. It all takes a lot of time and effort but there is nothing of big interest to write about, so I have decided to add the Spellscape soundtrack to the game music section. Sorry, no singing this time… Anyway, you may remember me writing a short postmortem of this first Codeminion game several days ago, but in case you missed it you can still find it here.



Jun 02 2008

Magic Match Soundtrack + Bonus Song

Today I have added several music tracks from our Magic Match: Journey to the Lands of Arcane game to the Game Music Section here on the Casual Games Harmony blog. I’m very happy with the music I made for the game as in my opinion it adds a lot the game’s mood and the theme is very strong and constant throughout the whole game. Of course the cut-scene songs were the most important part and also the most difficult to execute, but with the help of the voice talent Barry Seymour all went very good.

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May 20 2008

Game Music Section: Pteroglider Soundtrack

In case you haven’t noticed I have launched a Game Music Section here on the Casual Games Harmony blog. It will feature various soundtracks I did for our games as well as other compositions I created over the years.

Currently the Game Music Section only has the music from Pteroglider and some samples from cgMusic, but I will be adding more tracks from my other projects on a regular basis. Most of my compositions are instrumental pieces so Pteroglider’s electronic soundtrack is not what I usually do. I remember that after the launch of the game we received several reviews on the Internet. One review author was even generous enough to include a single sentence summarizing my music! I remember it till this day, because it went like this:

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May 19 2008

cgMusic – Can computers create music?

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The short answer is –  yes they can. The long one is – yes, they can and in fact they do it better than most people. I’m not talking about computers performing music (like a MIDI Player or a Toyota robot playing violin). I’m talking about computer software that is composing music – making up melodies and writing scores for some instruments. The only thing which gives us, people an edge at composing music is that a real person can tell which one composition sounds better than others. A computer can create hundreds of songs in a second but it will never be able to tell which one it likes the most. But let’s get back to the beginning…

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