Jun 23 2010

Brunhilda for PC is out!

Tag: Brunhilda,Casual Games,CodeminionMaciek @ 1:27 pm

The Dark CrystalFor the last two months the game has been undergoing rigorous beta tests and has received lots of fixes and improvements. Now the game is finally available to the public, so visit the official website www.brunhildathegame.com, download the game and join Brunhilda on her adventurous journey through the different lands of the Magic Realm.

I hope you have lots of fun playing the game! Please note that this is a soft-launch of the game so if you have any feedback please share it with us, as we can still make improvements to the game before the big launch on the major portals.



May 14 2010

Brunhilda trailer

Tag: Brunhilda,Casual Games,Codeminion,GeneralMaciek @ 9:50 am

As you can see, we’ve just launched a trailer our upcoming game Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal. The PC version of the game is currently in open beta, so if you want you can join our beta program, and test the game today!

You can view the trailers of our other games at our YouTube channel.



Jan 09 2010

More games coming up in 2010

I’ve been recently receiving lots of questions about StoneLoops! and about our upcoming games so I decided that it’s high time to write about it. Even though we didn’t release any new games in 2009, the last year was quite good for us. We weren’t affected by the collapsing economy and we managed to release third expansion pack for Saqqarah, both StoneLoops! and Saqqarah were released on the iPhone and we also released a short flash webgame version of Saqqarah. But what you might not know is that in 2009 we have started working on 6 new games and we have an ambitious plan to launch all (or at least most) of them this year! Continue reading “More games coming up in 2010”



Mar 22 2009

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

After previewing the upcoming StoneLoops! for IPhone a week ago, I would like to make one more announcement about a game that we have coming up. Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is a game that’s been in the works for almost a year now, but it’s not an in-house production. It’s being developed by a small but very talented external team.

The screenshots you can see above and below are the first ones shown publicly. Of course they still are a work in progress so the final materials might vary a bit. You can see that the game is different from our earlier games as it is not a match-3 and that it features a slightly different style of graphics.

Continue reading “Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal”