Nov 24

Saqqarah now on iPad!

Tag: Casual Games,Codeminion,iPhone / iPad,SaqqarahMaciek @ 7:30 pm

We have finally ported Ancient Quest of Saqqarah to the iPad and today the game has been published on the AppStore 🙂 We are very excited about this release as the game is a true joy to play with touch controls. Check out for yourself here:

Saqqarah for iPad


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4 Responses to “Saqqarah now on iPad!”

  1. Vovin says:

    Why not for the iPhone? The iPhone just has several Saqqarah apps which must be bought seperately, not a collection like this.
    Are you planning to bring this to the iPhone, too?

  2. Maciek says:

    Saqqarah has been licensed for iPhone development to a different company, so it’s their choice to make a full Saqqarah app. I believe it is in the works, but apparently it’s coming along very slowly 🙁

  3. Perry says:

    Just wondering will you be making these games and Stoneloops of the Jurassic available on android? I’m a huge fan and will be switching over soon, and would love to see your games over there!

  4. Craigory Coppola says:

    Ok, ive got some questions concerning game licensing and cgmusic any chance you can contact me so i can ask more specifics? (Assuming you have access to my email since i entered it into this form) otherwise are we allowed to use music generated by it in games? if so are there limitations w/ commercial vs FTP games? How should we credit it

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