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Sales stats by country

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I recently answered a question on a polish gamedev message board about how game sales vary by Country and I thought that it would be a good idea to post it here as well. As far as I know this kind of stats are very difficult to find.

The stats shown below are based on sales made over the last 5 years on our own website (www.codeminion.com). In this time we recorded online transactions in almost 100 countries (94 to be exact). I find it pretty impressive, as we even had sales in the Vatican. Anyway, click the continue reading button if you’d like to learn which 20 countries make up the most of our sales.

1. United States  –  37,44%
2. United Kingdom  –  11,30%
3. Canada   –  8,54%
4. Australia  –  6,20%
5. Germany   –  6,16%
6. France   –  5,14%
7. Netherlands  –  2,87%
8. Italy   –  2,66%
9. Poland   –  2,17%
10. Belgium   –  1,55%
11. Sweden   –  1,49%
12. Denmark   –  1,34%
13. New Zealand  –  1,19%
14. Spain   –  0,98%
15. Switzerland  –  0,91%
16. Brazil   –  0,81%
17. Norway   –  0,79%
18. Austria   –  0,64%
19. Portugal  –  0,62%
20. South Africa  –  0,60%

As you can see the top 20 countries make up almost 94% of all our sales. The top 10 makes up almost 85%. This leaves about 6% for the other 74 countries. This is a very common effect and it applies (to a certain degree) to other charts as well. For example the games that are on the top-10 of a portal probably make a very signifficant part of the income of all the games.

Please do remember that these stats are based only on the sales made on our own website and there is no way to know how similar the results are to the global average for all casual games distributed online. For example Poland is featured on the 9th place, but it is quite safe to assume that its position is boosted by the fact that we are a Polish company and that we offer games in Polish localized versions, which is quite uncommon on the online casual game market.


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