May 28 2009

StoneLoops! for IPhone is nr 4 in the world!

Tag: Casual Games,StoneLoops! of JurassicaMaciek @ 4:28 am

StoneLoopsJust a quick notice for you, that StoneLoops! is out for the IPhone and the game has so far exceeded our expectations. We are currently nr 4 app in the US and nr 3 in games. In many countries we are already nr 1. Here is the link to StoneLoops app store page, you can check how awesome the game is for yourself!



May 13 2009

Saqqarah available on the IPhone

Tag: Casual Games,SaqqarahMaciek @ 2:58 pm

I’m happy to announce that our latest game Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is now available on the IPhone from the itunes appstore. The game has been ported to Iphone by Virtual Programming. What is interesting is that the conversion is a near direct 1-1 code port from the Mac version of the game. It means that whether you are playing Saqqarah on a Mac or Iphone you are running the same code. Of course the game had to be squeezed from 1024×768 to 480×320 resolution, but it still features almost all of the eye-candy effects and all gameplay features from the original.
The game has been broken into 7 parts, so each temple can be purchased separately. Below are the links to the 4 versions that are already available in the appstore. Other temples will quickly follow, along with free evaluation versions.

The Temple of Isis

The Temple of Thot

The Temple of Anubis

The Temple of Bast