Sep 05

Monkey Monarchs SaqPack is here!

Tag: Casual Games,Codeminion,SaqqarahMaciek @ 3:20 pm

Monkey MonarchsToday we have launched Monkey Monarchs the first SaqPack expansion for our latest game Saqqarah. I hate repeating the news section of our website, but this time it is a very important moment for us as this is the first time ever that we have created an addon pack for our game.

What is also noteworthy is that today after many weeks of hunting we were finally able to reproduce and fix the “Access Violation” bug that was troubling many players in the temple of Bast. If you were affected by this bug, be sure to download the latest fixed version from the official game website. We are currently sending the fixed builds to all the portals so the updated version should soon be up everywhere.


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7 Responses to “Monkey Monarchs SaqPack is here!”

  1. Snap says:


  2. Daniel Wentzell says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You for continueing to work on and fix the Access Volition problem happening in the Bast Temple. This is a great Game and both my wife and I enjoy it very much. The same quality is present in your resently released Saqpack. Look forward to downloading the new update from our Game Portal Big Fish. Thank you and your Team for for all of the hard work that must have gone into producing both of these games. Judy and I are looking forward to seeing future releases from your Company. Your attention to detail and a willingness to try and please your customers is very refreshing to see in todays world, so from 2 of your eldery Customers (we are both 65 years young) we would like to say Thank You! Happy Gaming, OldMan44

  3. Laszlo Varga says:

    Dear CodeMinion Developers,

    I’m very interested in your games.
    My frelatives loves them :). Me too, but I already have not enough time to play with games.

    I was always very interested how made such a game. I know it maybe a very difficult and long process so I don’t request you to explain it.
    But anyway what kind of programming environment do you use? I assume it is Macromedia (Adobe) Director. Am I right?

    Thank you for your reply in advance!

    Best regard and good luck for the furter developments!

  4. zZz says:

    I can’t wait to try it.

  5. Cameron says:

    First please let me say how impressed I have been by Saqqarah. It is a GREAT game that is visually impressive, has good music and best of all a good amount of voice acting and HUMOR! Having the 7 different ways of playing is also a great portion of the game (although the “token pop” puzzles of Horus seem pointless and repetative).

    All in all it is one of the best “casual games” I have ever played. Certianly THE best value for the money.

    Having said that and partially BECAUSE Saqqarah is so good let me express my extreme disapointment with the Monkey Monarchs SaqPack.

    I am glad for your return policy and am confident I will obtain my money back so I write this as perhaps helpful advice to you for the future.

    Part of the fun of Saqqarah is progressing through the levels and obtaining trophies, increasing Kufu’s power to do more, and turning each temple to bronze, silver and gold. Having the EXACT same game start over with only different configurations of puzzles, new “hilarious” titles, and new glyphs to look for is not my idea of fun. I only found it frustrating to have to start over, hear the exact same scripts as before (not even a single new joke!) and trudge through unlocking the temples which have all turned back to stone. (Effectively erasing all your hard work from before)

    Lastly, having new shapes for the glyphs isn’t really all that exciting, especially since I think nearly all players would agree that searching for glyphs over and over and over (over 100 times!) was not enjoyable after the first 3 times in Saqqarah.

    I am sure that doing more than what was done for Monkey Monarchs would be much more time intensive and you probably have other great games you are working on. Releasing Monkey Monarchs as it is however only diminishes Codeminions great name and damages it’s reputation in my opinion.

    So Saqqarah was an awesome hit, (a homerun!) but MM is a miss. 🙁

    Looking forward to more great hits from Codeminion in the future!

  6. Maciek says:

    Cameron, thanks you for the kind words about Saqqarah and I’m very sorry that you were disappointed by Monkey Monarchs SaqPack. Of course you will get a refund if that is your wish, just be sure to contact our support.

    I only hope you were not misled by any of our websites that MM is a stand alone game. We always tried to underline what a SaqPack is and what it does contain. Basically MM is just a level pack for Saqqarah and the whole point of a level pack is to go through a game again, with some different content. In this light we thought that by adding a whole new set of 504 levels, new music track, new ranks and replacing bonus round graphics we would keep higher standards than other developers who usually release addon packs that only contain a couple of additional levels in comparison to the length of the original game.

    Nevertheless I understand your concerns and I assure you that with next games we will try even harder to make everything better.


  7. Cameron says:

    Hey thanks for the quick reply! And in retrospect I think I was a bit harsh. I really think much of my “dissapointment” came about just because I was so dang stinking IMPRESSED with Saqqarah.

    Perhaps it was my understanding of what a level pack is that was also to blame, so I must take responsibility for that as well. I knew of course that it was not a stand alone game but my only experience in the past with add ons have been things such as Baldurs Gate expansion pack Throne of Bhaal. That requires the game Shadows of Amn in order to play but has all new content and starts from where you left off. So again, my misunderstanding.

    The great thing about all this is that I “discovered” your other games when looking for the SaqPack and have tried out StoneLoops so far and really like it!

    I’ll most likely end up buying all your games and looking eagerly forward to others as they come out.

    Great games, great customer service. Thanks


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