Jul 31 2008

Localizing Saqqarah

CUG FrameworkLocalizing games – or basically translating them into different languages, if you’re not familiar with the term – is now a common thing on the task list of a game developer, and casual games are no exception. Unfortunately the more complex a game is, the more difficult and costly it is to make localized versions of it. What’s more, if you don’t plan ahead for future localization right from the start it is possible then later localizing a poorly coded game will not be plausible at all! I know something about it as our first casual game Magic Match is available exclusively in English and it is not without a reason…

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Jul 26 2008

Saqqarah available on Mac!

Tag: Casual Games,Codeminion,SaqqarahMaciek @ 7:55 am

Saqqarah on MacYesterday we have launched our latest game Saqqarah for the Mac platform (available for both Intel and PowerPC). The game is available in both English and Polish language versions. This is a very important moment for us since this is our first game ever that has a Mac version. Additionally it takes advantage of our own CUG Framework game engine. You can download it both on Codeminion and on the official Saqqarah websites. The unlock codes for Saqqarah work on both Mac and Windows so if you purchased the game earlier and also happen to have a Mac be sure to check it out!



Jul 19 2008

July Update

CodeminionAs you see lately I’m not posting  as often as I used to. That is because I’m very busy both at work and in personal live. Anyway here is a small update on what’s currently going on with Codeminion and our games.

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Jul 09 2008

I predict fish and pyramids in future games

Tag: Business,Casual Games,Game ReviewsMaciek @ 3:08 pm

FishdomDon’t worry, this won’t be another rant about Big Fish games. Rather than that I would like to tell you about a some nice match-3 games that should be very interesting for both players and developers.

Match-3 games have a tough job breaking into the top-tens these days. Fortunately there are still match-3 games that manage to do it even on hidden object oriented portals. Our own game Saqqarah is just making its way to the top-tens and Fishdom is also an excellent example of a modern match-3 game that has the potential to outsell even big hidden object  productions. But why is that? Let’s see what makes up a good modern match-3 game.

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