Jun 15

Saqqarah Launches Soon!

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Saqqarah LogoYes, it’s true – Saqqarah will be launched on one of our websites in a few days. This will be a short two-week soft launch and we will try to catch some last minutes bugs and make some final improvements before we give green light to selling the game on the portals. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that we are very excited and anxious to see how Saqqarah will do on the market. We are also a bit worried that it won’t do as good as we expect because the market for online downloadable games has dramatically changed over the last several years.

Match-3 games are not as popular as they used to be and even though Saqqarah sets a new standards in such games it might be difficult for us to reach and stay on the top-tens for a longer period of time. But that is not the only reason behind our worries. Judging from the feedback we received on the beta version we can already tell that the game is a little bit too aggressive for the casual audience. I don’t mean of course that it has violence or bad language – because it hasn’t – but it is too dynamic and exciting…

At moments playing Saqqarah feels almost like watching an epic adventure movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. That was our intention when designing the game, but now we realize that many casual players want a soothing experience so they can relax after a hard day at work. We tweaked many parameters of the game during the beta (including the sound levels) so that the game is not so stressful but of course we weren’t able to change the basics of the gameplay and the basic game structure.

Apart from that we had signals from some distributors who were worried that the game might be too difficult for their audiences. It seems that matching tokens on a distorted grid is fun and easy for match-3 enthusiasts but it might be a little too complex for match-3 genre newcomers.  This is a downside of incorporating original concepts into your games and I find it quite sad that some distributors might reject Saqqarah in favor of more Bejeweled and  Mystery Case Files clones.

Anyway, Saqqarah was designed as a hit match-3 game from the very start and produced with an exceptional target quality so it would be a real shame if our efforts went to waste because of market going into a different direction and distributors afraid to launch a product that is different from your average casual game. We would be thrilled if Saqqarah could repeat the enormous success of Magic Match, but then again it’s not our last game and I’m sure that if we work hard enough we still have a big chance not to die as a one hit wonder gamedev company.


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3 Responses to “Saqqarah Launches Soon!”

  1. Roman says:

    Man, this world is crazy. If someone says Saqqarah is too hard then I am sure one’s wrong. But if someone says that first temple is frustrating, then that might be true. If it’s not too late, then try to design beginning of the game to be as similar to other games as possible and introduce new elements slowly.

    It’s easy to be worried – you always worry how your ‘child’ will do in the real world.

  2. Matt says:

    My wife relaxes after work playing Luxor 2 on Hardcore. She loves the drama and tension of that title. She plays it on her breaks at work also.
    Everyone is different. For me, it’s the first match-3 title I’ve been interested in for a year.
    Best of luck, and we look forward to picking up the final version.

  3. chanon says:

    I’m sure Saqqarah will do well it is such a unique game, and if it doesn’t, well with the talent you guys have there’s no question that you’ll be able to make another hit game soon.

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