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Saqqarah – a new record!

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SaqqarahI hope that you don’t mind that recently every blog post on Casual Games Harmony is about Saqqarah, but I can’t help it as there is so much going on! Anyway we’re thrilled to see how good the game is doing so far. The feedback is very enthusiastic and coming from both gamers and publishers. So far the game has not been rejected by a single publisher we talked to, and we already talked to about 10 different distribution channels. We were very worried that we would have problems similar to the ones I wrote about earlier regarding StoneLoops! After all Saqqarah is also not a hidden object game. Fortunately everyone seems to be noticing how much effort went into creating Saqqarah and now we have first hints that not giving up on quality was the right way to go and that we won’t regret it.  Anyway, you’re probably wondering what record I was referring to in the title of the post…

StoneLoops! also had a very positive response when we released the game, but ultimately you can only measure how good your game really is when you count the number of people who actually decide to purchase it. Yesterday, on the first full day after the launch of Saqqarah we have sold 25 copies of the game, which is an amazing result for us. Our website is visited by about 1500 unique visitors per week, which is not impressive at all, but to give you a comparison Magic Match, which is our best selling game so far, at its peak managed to sell 14 copies in a single day (28th of October 2005 to be exact). This of course doesn’t prove or change anything, but we are very happy nevertheless and we hope that the game will do even better on the portals. Having said that, I’m sure that you can now easily guess which game is currently nr 1 on Game Club Cafe


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