Jun 02

Magic Match Soundtrack + Bonus Song

Today I have added several music tracks from our Magic Match: Journey to the Lands of Arcane game to the Game Music Section here on the Casual Games Harmony blog. I’m very happy with the music I made for the game as in my opinion it adds a lot the game’s mood and the theme is very strong and constant throughout the whole game. Of course the cut-scene songs were the most important part and also the most difficult to execute, but with the help of the voice talent Barry Seymour all went very good.

You may remember from my earlier posts that we (me and Konrad) did everything for the game (graphics, programming, design, sound, etc.) except for the song vocals. If you’re wondering what would the cut-scene songs from the game be like if we actually did everything, here is your chance! Only on my blog you can hear our “test” vocals to one of the early versions of the first Magic Match theme song! You can download it here in the mp3 format. I can’t stop laughing every time I hear the ending of this. I hope you’ll have a good laugh too…


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2 Responses to “Magic Match Soundtrack + Bonus Song”

  1. Darek Rusin says:

    Holly Jeebus, that was harsh! 😉 But you should have used it! It’s catchy and the ending keeps ringing in your head, so there’s power in it. Don’t write it off just yet 😉 Magic Math 4 perhaps?

  2. Roman says:

    Doesn’t sound that bad. I am sure you could do well in “How do they sing” contest 😉

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