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Best games on Game Club Cafe

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Game Club CafeYesterday we have launched Game Club Cafe, our premium casual games distribution portal. Like with most our projects we had many problems developing the website (don’t ask me why is that – we probably are cursed or something). We had to limit the scope of the project several times and it took very very very long to complete, but finally the first version of the website is online. Currently Game Club Cafe has a selection of 112 games. All of them were handpicked and we believe that it is the single best catalogue of high quality casual games from all over the Internet. Be sure to bookmark the website because we will be adding more new quality games on a regular basis.

Apart from being a game distribution website, Game Club Cafe is now our publishing brand. It means that all games that we decide to publish on our own will have the GCC logo. StoneLoops was the first game published under the Game Club Cafe brand and Saqqarah will soon be the second. We are also working on new in-house projects and with second party developers so we hope to bring you more excellent games in the near future. We hope to get some synergic results from being a casual game developer, publisher and distributor at the same time. Time will tell if our plan works, but if you want to support our efforts just visit the website and buy some of the excellent games from our catalogue.

Please note that Game Club Cafe has just been launched and we might experience some problems before the website is mature and stable enough. Nevertheless the basic functionality is working and you can already download and purchase games, add reviews and browse the catalogue using category and tag filters. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you find any bugs or glitches on the website.

I can also tell you in secret that we plan to make a soft launch of Ancient Quest of Saqqarah in the near future on Game Club Cafe. If everything goes according to the plan it should be in less than 3 weeks! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in case you don’t want to miss the launch of this upcoming match-3 hit game.


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5 Responses to “Best games on Game Club Cafe”

  1. Roman says:

    It looks nice, but it is so slow it makes it unusable. I am not saying it’s loading slow, but it is working slow – menu with game genres needs 2-3s before it reacts to mouse movement.

    Featured games flash thing is also working slow.

    I tested it on AMD 1.6Mhz with 512MB Ram with Win XP in Opera 9.25. It does work a little bit better in Firefox.

    I would say it is over-featured, just like flickr, where I had to turn of java-script to make it usable 😀

  2. Maciek says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Should be fixed by now.

  3. Puzzler says:

    What type of CMS do you use?

  4. Maciek says:

    We’re using a custom built PHP based solution.

  5. Joaquin says:

    What’s up? after reading posts like this one, I have come to realize that I need improve my game. Good job with the post. Love the Music.

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