May 29

Saqqarah Beta Update + Surprise

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As promised I’m giving you a quick update on the progress of the beta tests of our latest game Ancient Quest of Saqqarah.  We are currently preparing a new version of the game which will be used in the closed beta. It means that we will choose the best testers from the open beta and give them the full version of the game in return for their voluntary playtesting services.

The new version should be ready in the next week and will include many fixes and improvements. We have already solved several difficult technical issues that prevented many gamers from playing the game, so if you were experiencing the strange mouse cursor delay problem on Win XP systems with Radeon Xpress 200 you should check the new version out. Also I am currently in the middle of adding several improvements to the game. Amongst many changes there will be better hints and adjusted tutorials, and additional Khufu in-game events. After careful analysis of almost 500 surveys we received we will also be changing the order in which new puzzle types are introduced throughout the game.

Now, you are probably wondering what the surprise is…

I wrote several days ago that we are working on a teaser trailer for Saqqarah. Well, although it hasn’t been officially announced yet the teaser is actually complete and available for online preview under this address. Please note that this trailer was designed and created with enthusiast gamers in mind. This is a part of our marketing strategy and company philosophy that I will be writing about in the future. Anyway, the actual game is not quite as aggressive as it might look from all the action and explosions happening in the trailer. Nevertheless I hope you like it.


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  1. Roman says:

    Well, the teaser is nice, but I would completely redo gameplay scenes. There’s just to much going on. I know it’s hard to show “not so busy” screens, but your audience will be put off immediately by this. My over 40 years old aunt watching Runes of Avalon gameplay said: it’s too flashy, I can’t play it. And in yours trailer it’s even more flashy.

    Besides, you don’t show gameplay at all, just some particle effects.

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