May 16

Saqqarah BETA is here

Today is our big day. We have completed the beta version of Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, a game that we have been working on for almost 18 months now. This is one of those moments that you hold your breath as suddenly your 18 months of work will be evaluated in an instant by a bunch of various people – gamers, developers and publishers. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Actually this is not only a beta of Saqqarah but also a beta of CUG Framework, our proprietary 2d game development engine. We sure expect to find lots of technical problems with it during the beta. There is a long way between a feature rich engine and a feature rich engine that was tested on millions of computers…

If you wish to play Saqqarah and see for yourself the capabilities of our engine you can join our Codeminion beta program or use the direct download link for the game, which a courtesy for the readers of my blog. Remember just that all kind of feedback is welcome and will help us make the game and engine better before it is released.


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  1. Dan says:

    I saw your post on gamedev, just wanted to say the game looks really good. It’s always an inspiration to see someone complete something 😀

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