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Ideas on managing your projects

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When we were going full time with Codeminion (less than two years ago) we decided to open an office and try to grow our business step by step. At that time we had to make many decisions, like for example do we need a conference room or do we need a centralized server for the network. Now we regret many of the decisions we made – like having a conference room that is rarely used – but there are also ones that we are happy about  – like having a centralized server for the network.

If I had to name a single best decision we’ve made it would certainly be setting up an Intranet WIKI site. In fact today we couldn’t image living without it as it is used for almost everything – tracking progress of the projects,  storing company knowledge, discussions, filesharing, etc. Below is a screenshot of our WIKI showing the page with list of current, complete and abandoned projects.

Codeminion WIKI


Together with some other tools we use (asset version tracking using subversion and tortoisesvn, Intranet instant messaging, VPN network access and public folders on the network) this makes a complete, lightweight system for managing our daily work, that I can recommend to anyone who wants to stay flexible and efficient.

We are using the MoinMoin WIKI script. It is quite flexible, powerful and I found it to be the most easy to setup, skin and manage of all other scripts on the net. Of course any WIKI will do. You can check which one suits you best here.


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  1. Roman says:

    That WIKI screenshot looks great. We use WIKI too, but not soo much as you do.

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