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How many casual games are out there?

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In case you were wondering how many PC casual downloadable games are out there, here is a hint – A LOT! Below is a chart showing the sizes of the game catalogues on the major portals as of today (3’rd of May 2008). As you can see Reflexive has the biggest catalogue with 1008 games, the latest being our own Codeminion developed marble popper StoneLoops!.

  • Game catalogue sizes of major portals (PC downloadable as of 3’rd of May 2008)

Sizes of game catalogues on the major portals

All of the catalogues share most of the games but even so this is a huge number. If you sum up all of the data shown on the chart it gives you 5674 free hours of gameplay. No wonder selling your games is so difficult.

What’s even more interesting is that looking at Casual Charts gives you a list of 1345 games that were featured in the top tens of major portals since the website was launched several years ago. This was quite a surprise for me as I thought that I would be able to find most (if not all) of the best-performing games in one of the biggest catalogues. This means that even if a game breaks into the top tens it can be difficult to find it on the portals after several years.


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