May 20

Game Music Section: Pteroglider Soundtrack

In case you haven’t noticed I have launched a Game Music Section here on the Casual Games Harmony blog. It will feature various soundtracks I did for our games as well as other compositions I created over the years.

Currently the Game Music Section only has the music from Pteroglider and some samples from cgMusic, but I will be adding more tracks from my other projects on a regular basis. Most of my compositions are instrumental pieces so Pteroglider’s electronic soundtrack is not what I usually do. I remember that after the launch of the game we received several reviews on the Internet. One review author was even generous enough to include a single sentence summarizing my music! I remember it till this day, because it went like this:

While making music for Pteroglider the composer must have been drunk.

Well, even after reading several reviews of the game I’m still happy with the result. After all I was just trying to make the music match the game’s theme. And that was a biomechanical pterodactyl in hyperspace taking revenge on  the dreaded space monsters that destroyed his home planet. Anyway, check the music for yourself and tell me what you think. BTW, I wasn’t drunk in case you are wondering.


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