Apr 29

Casualovision 2008

Tag: Casual Games,On a lighter note,PersonalMaciek @ 2:55 pm

The Eurovision 2008 European song contest is nearing and as always it’s making me unreasonably happy. Anyway what I came to realize is that the contest resembles the casual games market in some limited ways.

Basically some countries try to write good songs (and they don’t stand a chance), while others try to butter up to the lowest instincts and make their songs as catchy as possible (casual developers think in the terms of the upcoming time management title Jane’s Pride Purrfect Paradise Pet Saloon-Hotel with Shop, Spa and More!).

Anyway, below is my personal top 4 of this year’s Eurovision. Please note you’re watching at your own risk…

  • Dusting the Turkey representing Ireland
  • Leto Svet – a sunny proposition from Estonia

  • Latvian Pirates Of The Sea singing “Wolves of the Sea”
  • Rodolfo Chikilicuatre – Baila el ChikiChiki (from Spain)
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