Apr 27

Casual Games Harmony is alive!

Tag: GeneralMaciek @ 2:35 pm

Todays date marks the launch of my Casual Games Harmony blog. Please look at the about page to see if the topics about to be covered are matching your interest. If they are, remember that you can always subscribe to the rss feed.

Writing a blog is a new experience for me, but nevertheless I will try to post only interesting and valuable things. As you probably have noticed the blog is hosted on the Codeminion server, which means that most of the articles will revolve around my work. Hopefully you will be reading interesting things about casual game development and running an independent game development company real soon. I will be encouraging other people from Codeminion (most notably Konrad, my business partner) to create blogs of their own, so you can have a better picture of our approach towards casual games.

If you have any questions or just want to contact me, feel free to comment on any of the recent posts.


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